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Month: December, 2019

When Everything Leads to Sex

This isn’t exactly a parody site but I just had to use this pic because it’s fun. Look, it’s a skinny Freddy Mercury Zoro guy delivering justice in the best possible way and the lady clearly loves him a lot.

I haven’t tried role playing in the bedroom and I’m not sure that I ever will because it’s not something that turns me on, it makes me laugh and honestly, laughter and horny contradicts each other. I definitely don’t get or maintain a hard-on through comedy.

That said, I have had the odd unplanned moment of just being silly on a whim, after a movie or whatever and acting like I’m someone else and chase my girlfriend around the house which inevitably leads to fucking but that’s because of the role playing. We both have a pretty high sex drive so pretty much anything leads to sex for us. Which is great, let me just state the obvious.

Anyways, if you’d like to know more of what these guys are actually about you can check out this Cumlouder porn review.