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Sexy CA girls are really popular on free fucking sites, especially in the American imagination. This has been the case in the past, this is the case now, and this probably will continue to be the case in the future. However, keep in mind that the reason for this popularity has shifted with time. This is partly a physiological and historical phenomenon.


Historically, the reason why the American Southwest in particular has captured the imagination of the rest of the country is that it represented the Wild West. It stood for the idea that regardless of who you were in New York, for example, you can become a totally different person once you boarded a train and headed out west. This idea of American self-redefinition and self-reinvention is actually as old as America itself.


You have to remember that the United States was formed by two distinct drives. First, in the north, we had the pilgrims who were fleeing religious persecution. They were looking for this safe place out in the wilderness where they can practice their own brand of religion and start their own theocracy. They were trying to get away from the shadow of a staked religion and do their own thing.


In the south, you had people who wanted to make money. They’re sick and tired of the class structure of old England, so they looked at Virginia and the south as a raw frontier in which peasants from the old country can become rich people in the new world.


If you put these two seemingly contrasting motivations together, they share one common thread. It’s all about redefining and reinventing yourself. As the Continental United States developed and filled with people, Americans never lost sight of this mental Holy Grail. That’s why they constantly project it outwards. Keep in mind that as the original 13 states were colonized, they started viewing places like Ohio and Illinois as the new frontier. When those places filled up, they then moved to the plains, so and so forth, until we get to California.


This is not an empty historical exercise. This is not academic because it actually impacts how people perceive certain populations as far as the popular imagination is concerned. There is always an allure to California and sexy California girls in particular. They represent in the popular imagination the vanguard of technology, social mores, or the sense of what’s possible.


As the old saying goes, “Wherever California goes, the rest of the country follows.” This has been true in the recent past and will probably continue to be true long into the future, whether we’re talking about Google, Facebook, Apple, mobile apps, technology, or in this case sexual entertainment, California is the one definitely setting the trend. Now, you can see why sexy CA girls are so popular on free fuck sites. Click here to sign up today and fuck for free tonight!

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